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Green Jade Shrimp, a delightful variant of the Neocaridina shrimp, are known for their exquisite green coloration, creating a visually striking and serene presence in any tank. These active and resilient shrimps are an excellent choice for both novice and seasoned aquarists, offering a charming and low-maintenance addition to your aquatic environment.
Key features of our Green Jade Shrimp:
Exquisite Green Coloration: Admire the captivating and soothing green hues that adorn these shrimps, adding a touch of tranquility and natural beauty to your aquarium.
Resilient and Active: Green Jade Shrimp are known for their hardy nature and lively behavior, infusing energy and vibrancy into your aquatic habitat.
Easy Maintenance: With their undemanding care requirements, Green Jade Shrimp are an ideal choice for aquarists of all levels, providing an engaging and hassle-free addition to your tank.
Rest assured that each Green Jade Shrimp in our collection has been meticulously cared for to ensure optimal health and coloration.

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