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Swimming Creatures

Who was the creator of the magnificent aquatic beings? Genesis 1:20-21


At "Swimming Creatures," our purpose is to bring tranquility and liveliness to your home. We are driven by our commitment to provide business opportunities and hope to those in impoverished nations.


The journey of cultivating shrimp began with the innocent curiosity of my son. Through the divine grace of God and the invaluable contribution of dedicated individuals who wholeheartedly collaborate with us, Swimming Creatures has flourished and will continue to thrive.


Presently, Swimming Creatures offers shipping services across the United States and engages in wholesale distribution worldwide.


In the midst of a bustling and tumultuous world, we aspire to bring joy to your household through these delightful little creatures.

Why you should choose Swimming Creatures?

We are pleased to offer our premium-quality shrimp at competitive prices, proudly affiliated with a well-established farm boasting over three decades of expertise. This partnership ensures a consistent supply of top-tier shrimp nationwide.

Recognizing the potential challenges in live stock shipments, rest assured that we take every precaution to guarantee the safe transportation of our aquatic companions to your home.


In the rare event of any Dead On Arrival (DOA) issues, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we are committed to providing the utmost assistance.

Our unwavering 100% live arrival guarantee reflects our confidence and dedication to ensuring your contentment. The loyalty of our returning customers underscores the unparalleled quality synonymous with Swimming Creatures.

Swimming Creatures aims to be your trusted source for freshwater aquatic companions, enriching your aquarium experience. We appreciate the trust you have in us and are dedicated to delivering a professional and enjoyable experience for all your aquarium needs.

Thank you for choosing Swimming Creatures – where quality meets assurance.

Please refer to the comparison picture below, illustrating the clear distinction in quality. We firmly believe that the majority of shrimp in the US market align with the image on the left, often at a higher price point than ours.

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