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Panda Corydoras Longfin – Aquatic Elegance for Your Tank

Enhance your aquarium with the graceful Panda Corydoras Longfin. These charming fish boast elongated fins that add a touch of elegance to their playful panda-like appearance.


  • Striking Fins: Watch as their elongated fins create a mesmerizing underwater display.

  • Panda Charm: Admire their distinctive panda markings, bringing character to your tank.

  • Community-Friendly: Peaceful companions suitable for community aquariums.

  • Bottom Dwellers: Explore the substrate, adding life to the lower levels of your tank.

Care Tips:

  • Water Parameters: Maintain stable conditions – pH 6.0-7.5, temperature 72-78°F (22-26°C), and soft to moderately hard water.

  • Easy Care: Beginner-friendly and adaptable to standard aquarium conditions.

Elevate your aquatic space with the enchanting Panda Corydoras Longfin, effortlessly combining beauty and ease of care in one captivating fish.

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