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10 Pcs leaves will be shipped via USPS first classs mail 


Product Description:


Enhance the Health and Vitality of Your Aquarium with Our Premium Almond Leaves!

Transform your aquarium into a thriving, natural ecosystem with our Premium Almond Leaves. These handpicked, all-natural leaves are carefully sourced from pristine environments to provide your fish with the ideal environment for growth, comfort, and reproduction.


Key Features:


  • Natural Habitat Replication: Almond leaves have been used for generations in the aquarium hobby to mimic the natural environments of many tropical fish species. Create a lifelike biotope and watch your fish thrive.

  • Water Conditioner: Our almond leaves release beneficial compounds into the water, promoting optimal pH levels and creating a stress-free environment. This helps reduce the risk of disease and enhances the overall health of your aquarium inhabitants.

  • Aid in Breeding: Almond leaves are renowned for their ability to trigger breeding behaviors in many fish species. Provide a cozy, safe haven for your fish to lay eggs and protect their fry.

  • Anti-Bacterial Properties: These leaves contain natural antimicrobial properties that help prevent common aquarium infections. Keep your fish healthier and happier.

  • Beautiful Aesthetic: Beyond their practical benefits, almond leaves also add a touch of natural beauty to your aquarium. They create a stunning, earthy aesthetic that complements any aquascape.




Simply add one leaf per every 10 gallons of water to your aquarium. As they slowly break down, they will continue to release their beneficial compounds over an extended period. Replace as needed, typically every few weeks, to maintain water quality and provide ongoing benefits to your fish.


Swimming Creatures 10X Premium Almond Leaves for Aquarium Fish, Shrimps, bettas

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