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Introducing our Blue Jelly, also known as Blue Velvet shrimps! If you're craving a lighter hue of blue in your aquarium, look no further. Embraced by many hobbyists, these shrimps bring a touch of tranquility to your aquatic haven. Elevate your tank with the soothing charm of Blue Jelly—order now and dive into a world of serene blues!


And here's a little extra for you: with each order of our Blue Jelly (Blue Velvet) shrimps, we toss in a few more, just in case. It's our way of ensuring your tank is teeming with life right from the start.

10 Blue Velvet Neocaridina Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp Live

$26.99 Regular Price
$24.29Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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