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Meet the Silvertip Tetra – a captivating addition to your aquarium that brings a shimmering elegance to your aquatic world. Renowned for its distinct silver-tipped fins and vibrant coloring, the Silvertip Tetra (Hasemania nana) is a schooling fish that injects both beauty and dynamism into any freshwater tank.

Description: The Silvertip Tetra boasts a sleek and streamlined body adorned with a stunning silver gradient along its fins, creating a mesmerizing visual effect as it gracefully maneuvers through the water. Its lively and schooling nature makes it a delightful species to observe, particularly when in groups.

Water Parameters: Ensuring the well-being of your Silvertip Tetras requires maintaining specific water parameters. Here are the recommended conditions:

  • Temperature: 72°F to 78°F (22°C to 26°C)
  • pH Level: 6.0 to 7.5
  • Water Hardness: 5 to 15 dGH

Providing these optimal water conditions contributes to the overall health, vibrancy, and longevity of your Silvertip Tetra community.

Diet: The Silvertip Tetra is an omnivorous species with a penchant for small, live, or frozen foods. A well-balanced diet of high-quality flake or pellet food, supplemented with occasional offerings of brine shrimp, daphnia, or bloodworms, ensures that your tetras receive essential nutrients for vibrant coloration and overall well-being.

Schooling Behavior: Thriving in groups, it is recommended to keep Silvertip Tetras in schools of six or more. Witness the enchanting synchronized swimming and social interactions as they gracefully navigate the aquarium together, creating a visually captivating spectacle for any observer.

Tank Setup: Create a visually appealing and comfortable environment for your Silvertip Tetras by incorporating plants, driftwood, and rocks into your aquarium. Ample hiding places and open swimming spaces allow them to display their natural behaviors while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your tank.

Compatibility: Generally peaceful, Silvertip Tetras make excellent community fish and can coexist with other peaceful species that share similar water parameter requirements. Avoid housing them with aggressive or larger tankmates to ensure a harmonious tank environment.

6 Silvertip Tetra (Hasemania Nana) Aquarium Fish Live

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