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Dive into luxury with our 10 Blue Dream (Grade A+) Neocaridina Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp, also known as the Blue Diamond. These deep, vivid blue beauties are the epitome of highest quality—gorgeous, hardy, and ready to elevate your aquarium to new levels of loveliness. Transform your tank with a touch of luxury, order now! 🦐💙


Shh, here's a little secret for you! Every order of our Grade A+ Fire Red Cherry Shrimp, we sneak in a couple of extras, just in case. Your tank deserves the best, and we've got you covered. Order now for a surprise boost to your aquatic crew! ;)

10 Blue Dream(GradeA+) Neocaridina Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp Live

$26.97 Regular Price
$24.27Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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