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Introducing our colorful Skittles Mix combo pack for freshwater aquarium enthusiasts! Dive into a vibrant world of aquatic beauty with 10 Mixed Shrimp, featuring a delightful blend of Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange hues. Each shrimp brings its own unique charm to your tank, creating a lively and dynamic aquatic environment. Paired with 3 Assorted Mystery Snails in shades like Blue, Ivory, Hazelnut, Black, and Jade, this combo pack offers both visual excitement and diversity. Watch as these Mixed Shrimp add a pop of color and energy to your tank, while the snails diligently maintain its cleanliness. Elevate your aquarium experience today with this delightful Skittles Mix combo pack!

10 Mixed Color Shrimps with 3 Assorted Mystery Snails

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