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Your package will include the following beautiful selections of freshwater aquatic plants!


  • Java Moss (1 Square Inch Portion) : Delight in the lush greenery and intricate texture of Java Moss, perfect for adding natural beauty to driftwood, rocks, or even as a carpeting plant.
  • 1 Anubias Petite: Revel in the elegance of Anubias Petite, with its petite size and broad, vibrant leaves that bring a touch of sophistication to any aquascape.
  • 1 Bucephalandra Green Wavy: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing waves of green foliage offered by Bucephalandra Green Wavy, a stunning addition that adds depth and dimension to your aquarium layout.
  • Java Fern (1 Bunch) : Embrace the timeless beauty of Java Fern, renowned for its hardiness and graceful arching leaves that provide shelter for fish and fry.
  • Ludwigia Palustris (1 Bunch): Enhance your aquatic landscape with the vibrant hues of Ludwigia Palustris, as its red and green leaves create a captivating contrast that enlivens any aquarium setting.

5 Species Live Aquarium Plants Bundle

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